has over 20 years of experience in professional sound recording and specializes in production sound for film and video shoots in Austin, TX.

Whether it's a run-and-gun doc, a fully financed independent feature, a corporate training video, or a reality TV show, I have the equipment and the experience to make your project sound its absolute best.

I offer very competitive rates, with multiple equipment packages depending on your specific needs. Discounted rates are available for longer-term projects. Contact me for a quote.

In addition to production sound, I also perform post-production services, including sound design, Pro Tools editing & mixing, and foley & FX recording. I have nearly a decade of experience with Pro Tools and my work is meticulous but efficient. If you need a job done twice as well in half the time, then I am your man.

* i.e., the last time a line of my production dialog was ADRed for sound-quality reasons
"I've worked with Steve on several films so far and never cease to be impressed by his work. He's professional, efficient and delivers great sound. He's always my first choice for sound!"

--Kat Candler, Filmmaker

Candler Productions
"Good sound design is not just about cleaning up the dialogue and adding sound effects (although those are very important). It's about breathing life into a world and supporting the emotion of each moment. Steven works towards these greater goals. He gave dimension to the space beyond the frame. And my film was better for it."

--Soham Metha, Oscar-Winning Director

"Steven is a joy to have on set. He is always prepared and ready to deal with any difficult situations that arise. The quality of his work and his attention to detail made our production a success."

--Eric Frodsham, Director/Producer

"Steven is a true auditory artist. He has a passion for his work that really comes through in the rich and dynamic audio that he produces. If we need sound, Studio 42 is always the first call we make."

--Toby Schwartz, Owner

Real Normal Productions
"It was a sincere pleasure working with Steven on my film ASTERNAUTS. He is extremely hard-working, driven, and dependable. He was also great at making sure we got a great range of ambient and production sound effects on set for sound design in post-production. Would work with him again in a heartbeat!"

--Marta Masferrer, Filmmaker

Sandbox Hero Productions
"I'm always glad to work with Steve!"

--Andrew Garrison, Director

"Steve works very professionally; he is precise and dependable. But most importantly he has an emotional understanding about what a scene or moment needs. Collaborating with Steve on my short film was a pleasure and I can strongly recommend him as a sound designer."

--Katja Straub, Filmmaker

"With a PhD in astrophysics, Steven is way over-qualified to be your go-to sound guy. That's why you should hire him."

--Amy Bench, Director/Cinematographer